Are You Satisfied with Your Current New Membership Sales and Long-Term Member Retention?

What if you could hire highly trained, professional salespeople and paid them on a strictly commission basis for actual sales?


What if the salespeople were so skilled that they got each new member to commit to a minimum of three months at full retail price?


What if you had a team of marketing experts building and nurturing a list of qualified prospects for you?


What if you had a team of “cheerleaders” that regularly reached out to new members; sending them notes of encouragement, making them feel part of your family, holding them accountable to their commitment and showing them how to gain leverage on themselves, so that their trial turns into a lifestyle?



All of these are now available to you, at zero cost, zero risk

and no extra work or training required on your behalf.


We are a performance rewarded group of sales and marketing experts willing to put our confidence in our processes to work building your tribe and filling your gym to capacity.


What we do:


  • We build and nurture a marketing list for you

  • We contact previous members and persuade them to return to you

  • We remotely coach them from trial through lifestyle

  • We ensure they fully assimilate into your community and subconsciously believe that they belong

  • We invest about 90 minutes to get to their complete story and gain an emotional commitment from each person to stick with your coaching process

  • We email you their full story, so you can move them purposely toward their individual goals

  • We email you daily reminders of any member’s anniversary and their goal (through their first five years)

  • We only get paid for members we successfully sell and retain for you


Your responsibilities:


  • Enter every prospect and new member into our mobile app

  • Click their reason for joining

  • Have your web master post the new copy and graphics we provide to you on your home page

  • Go back to coaching



Why this is necessary for your success:


  • You don’t have the time to learn an adaptive, consultative sales process

  • You don’t have time to motivate, encourage and create leverage on members outside of the gym

  • You don’t have the training and resources to effectively market to prospects and nurture new members



Who is behind this new service?

Scott Zimmerman (*Google: Scott Zimmerman, Platinum Rule)


  • Co-author of The Platinum Rule for Sales Mastery and Selling with Style

  • Co-author of The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery

  • Self-employed business owner (advertising/marketing firm) since 1989

  • Invented a marketing automation system that delivers interest-specific information

  • Personally mentored by Dr. Tony Alessandra (who was voted into the Inaugural Sales Hall of Fame class)



To learn more about Scott and how his program could help fill in the gaps in your membership sales and marketing efforts, just give him a call at 330-848-0444 or shoot him an e-mail: Scott (at)




I just invested six weeks interviewing 240 affiliate owners. Here are our findings:


  • Only five (0.008%) people had received formal training on professional selling. All came from insurance or financial backgrounds and treat their gym as a true business. They focused on sales and marketing and were at (or very near) capacity.

  • Only two people were aware that the brand, the sales approach and the group settings were intimidating to shy, introverted people (half of the market!).

  • 83.5% offered some sort of discount, free trial, free week or other “less than full retail” approach

  • Only one person had a formalized process for selling, onboarding and retaining new members. He is now in the process of buying struggling boxes and turning them around using his methodologies.

  • The average time invested in sales conversations with new prospects was 9 - 14 minutes.

  • 218 (90.8%) people admitted that they didn’t have enough time to spend 45-90 minutes gaining a full commitment from prospects, but saw the value in doing so.

  • 229 (95.4%) admitted to using a “cookie cutter” web site, because they lacked the marketing acumen to create a more compelling, custom site.


Based on the strength of our findings, we are now offering a turnkey, “done for you” sales and marketing service.


 BoxJammer donates 10% of all gross revenues to a partnership program with the Interval Brotherhood Home in Akron, Ohio, to provide membership fees and transportation so graduates can join a local CrossFit program. The purpose of this charity is to help recently sober people assimilate into a new “family” of healthy, welcoming, nonjudgmental people that will provide encouragement and accountability. “Habit replacement” is a critical component to maintaining sobriety, and CrossFit provides an ideal program/community. Monies go directly to membership fees and Uber expenses for graduates that need transportation.We are so confident in our approach that we are willing to work—on straight commissions—for the first 10 affiliate owners that agree to let us help them. Based on those results, we will begin charging upfront fees after we have the case studies, hard numbers and proof of concept.


If you are doubtful that I could get more of your prospects to commit to a full-blown commitment than you can, Google this: Scott Zimmerman, Platinum Rule


Not bragging, but I’ve probably written more books on an adaptive, collaborative sales process than you’ve read.


In addition to getting your prospects properly sold, we will be using our own marketing automation system (visit to send messages to the new members to prepare their subconscious minds to accept a new reality based on regular exercise and better nutritional choices. Additionally, we will help them remove any head trash that could prohibit them from fully embracing and assimilating into your community.


In short, by combining our thorough sales methodology (that gains a full commitment to a process) with on-going encouragement, motivation and psychological leverage, you will enjoy more members that join your tribe and stay with you much, much longer.


Read below to contrast the most common methodology to our methodology, then contact me to discuss details:







Untitled Document
Selling a "Trial" Membership Gaining an Emotional Commitment to a New Lifestyle
This is easy; prospects show up “pre-sold” by their family, friends, co-workers. They’ve seen others get amazing results and this “low hanging fruit” lulls you into a false sense of security that you know how to sell.

Even if we trained you on our sales methodology, you simply don’t have the time to invest 90 minutes with each and every prospect.
Our “Socratic”, consultative sales process takes between 45 and 90 minutes after someone agrees to join your gym. We get them to share their fears, their stories, their desires and specific goals. We use a powerful law of persuasion called “Commitment and Consistency” that makes it very difficult for someone to go against their own beliefs and values.
By offering a short-term trial or a discounted, temporary rate, you are already providing each person an “out”. When they quit, they can rationalize by thinking, “Well, at least I can say that I tried that, but it just wasn’t for me.”

Worse still, by lowering the price, you are showing prospects that even you don’t believe in the value of your own product.
When someone shares with us his or her ultimate goal (weigh a certain amount, fit into clothes of a specific size, attract a mate, live longer, excel at a certain athletic endeavor, etc.), we get them to agree that a process will be required and we gain a firm commitment that they will adhere to your process for a specific (3, 6 or 12 months) to achieve the outcome (at your full retail price).
Most coaches “onboard” or “onramp” new members. They provide one-on-one or small group coaching. We begin calling, texting and emailing affirmations of their goals. We provide both encouragement and accountability. We begin “remapping” their subconscious minds to prepare them for success and successfully assimilating within your closely-knit tribe of healthy, like-minded people. Most importantly, we show them how to create multiple means of leverage on themselves; making it nearly impossible for them to quit the program until it becomes a habit and a lifestyle.
Most coaches sell one way: the way they are comfortable buying. We have written three separate books on selling differently to each of the four personality types.
Of the four personality types, most coaches are the “Directors”; confident, assertive, goal-oriented people that make quick decisions when they see what they want. Unfortunately, they also “sell” the same way. We purposely employ “Relaters” for the specific reason,that they are—by nature—empathic, soft, caring people. They never pressure people for decisions; instead, they “bond” with them while listening to their stories, fears and goals.
If someone tells you they “need to think about it”, you will either not follow-up with them, or maybe reach out one time. Our founder, Scott Zimmerman, was voted “Top 5 in the World” for sales lead management. He invented a system that automatically sends goal-specific messages written differently to appeal to all four personality types. When we encourage Relaters and Thinkers to take a few days to “think it over”, we begin sending them testimonials, stories and (for Thinkers) evidence as to why your gym will be the best path to their health/fitness goals.
While going through traditional onboarding programs, most new members feel frightened, inadequate and insecure. We convince each person that—for probably the first time in their life—they are about to be welcomed into a new family of kind, helpful, nonjudgmental people that are eager to accept them exactly the way they are!
Once the leave the gym, you have no idea what they’re doing. We augment your coaching with short, achievable, daily tasks that continually “show” their subconscious minds that they are creating a new “story” based on exercise and proper nutrition.
How are you currently congratulating, motivating and rewarding the core members of your Tribe? We email you reminders of every key anniversary for each athlete we onboard along with their goal/need, so you can shake their hand, pat them on the back or give them a piece of swag. This makes them feel important and demonstrates that you remember their story and care about their success. These small moments of magic are how we help you create deeper loyalty and a sense of belonging!


  • Jane Doe, 1-month anniversary, wants to be more attractive for her husband.

  • John Smith, 3-month anniversary, wants to get his cholesterol below 200 by June 1st and wants off of his blood pressure medications by November 1st.

  • Betty Stevens, 2-year anniversary, wants to be stronger, more energy and to play with her 5 grandchildren.


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